2.0 m3 (2.60 yd3), ISO

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Long, flat-floor bucket can scoop material, level or backfill.

Width 114.0 in 2900.0 mm Less
Length 65.0 in 1640.0 mm Less
Height 38.0 in 972.0 mm Less
Weight 2330.0 lb 1057.0 kg Less
Capacity 2.6 yd³ 2.0 m³ Less
Interface Type ISO Coupler ISO Coupler Less


These versatile buckets can be used in a variety of applications including back dragging, agricultural, snow removal, and jobs that require good visibility to the bucket edge while unloading or trench filling.

Sharp, Low Angle Side Plates

Sharp and low angled side plates (side cutting edge) ensures a high penetration force when loading, while also providing excellent visibility to the bucket cutting edge.

Reinforced Straight Bucket Shelve Support

Maximum penetration force, optimal back dragging and grading applications.

Wide and Flat Bucket Bottom

Highly wear resistant 15 mm (0.6 in) bottom plate is optimal for back dragging and allows for work in heavy duty applications.

Heavy Duty Torque Tube

Heavy duty torque tube provides optimal bucket stability and provides for an extended bucket life.

Optional Detachable Spill Guard

Quickly increase bucket capacity for light materials (snow, mulch, etc.) with the quick fit spill guard. Slots in spill guard ensure visibility to cutting edge when installed. Same spill guard adjusts to fit all 3 sizes of grading bucket.


Accessories maximize the productivity of attachments

Name Description
Grading Bucket Spill Guard Quickly increase bucket capacity for light materials.