Cat Large Motor Graders are one of the most productive — and productivity-enhancing — machines on any mine site.

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Cat Mining Motor Graders

Cat® Large Motor Graders

Cat Large Motor Graders are one of the most productive — and productivity-enhancing — machines on any mine site. While they may not be responsible for producing ore, they have a direct impact on how well other production machines can operate. They play an essential role in haul road construction and maintenance—so trucks can run faster and operate more safely. In addition, good roads save mine sites money on machine maintenance, fuel and tires. The integration of Cat technologies further enhances productivity by increasing accuracy, driving efficiency and improving safety. The end result is a lower cost per ton. Cat Large Motor Graders are the industry leader — and for good reason. Our mining graders have the size, horsepower and weight to cover haul roads of any width.



It's important to use the right size and amount of motor graders for the specific application and site conditions. This tool has been designed to help support with the definition of the motor grader size that best fit your application and the number of motor graders required to properly maintain your haul roads based on your specific needs.

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Cat® 16M3 Motor Grader

An ideal fit for small to medium size mining operations running 150 ton or smaller hauling trucks, or as a complement to a 24M size motor grader fleet in larger operations, the Cat® 16M3 will make a direct, positive impact on productivity and costs.

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Cat® 18M3 Motor Grader

The Cat® 18M3 builds on the success of the 16M and offers additional power, a wider moldboard and the possibility to use a more aggressive blade angle, making it an ideal fit for mining operations that run 172-tonne (190-ton) or smaller trucks.

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Cat® 24M Motor Grader

The Cat® 24 Motor Grader is designed from the ground up to help you get more from your machine—offering higher uptime, increased productivity, lower operating costs and more. Stronger structures, integrated technologies and more make the 24 a reliable choice for a wide variety of mining applications.

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