Cushion Dozer Blades

Cushion Dozer Blades 3048mm (120 in) Cushion Dozer

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Key Specs

120 in
3048 mm
62 in
1575 mm
9420 lb
4273 kg


Straight blades put full machine power across the narrowest useful area, for maximum penetration power. This design has been enhanced in the Cushion Dozer Blade to work push-loading tractor scrapers or other track-type tractors. The heavy-duty design includes reinforcement to transfer machine power without damaging the blade or the tractor. Between the tractor and the blade is an inside-mounted rigid C-frame. The inside mounting keeps the frame narrow and rigid, to resist flexing and limit loads on the tractor frame.

Product Specifications for 3048mm (120 in) Cushion Dozer

Width 120 in 3048 mm
Height 62 in 1575 mm
Weight 9420 lb 4273 kg

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