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Grader Blades GB124 with Wings, Smart

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Key Specs

Overall Width
102.6 in
2605 mm
Blade Width
96 in
2438 mm
Width - Fully Angled
105.8 in
2688 mm


Cat® Smart Grader Blade attachments are for cutting, moving and grading dirt, gravel, sand and virtually any other material used as a base.

Product Specifications for GB124 with Wings, Smart

Overall Width 102.6 in 2605 mm
Blade Width 96 in 2438 mm
Width - Fully Angled 105.8 in 2688 mm
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 50-86 lpm (13-23 gpm) 50-86 lpm (13-23 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 180-230 bar (2600-3340 psi) 180-230 bar (2600-3340 psi)
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow w/14 pin Standard Flow w/14 pin
Overall Length 88.4 in 2246 mm
Overall Height with Masts 104.4 in 2652 mm
Overall Height 41.2 in 1046 mm
Weight 2292.8 lb 1040 kg
Tilt Angle Range +/- 15 degrees 15 degrees
Maximum Blade Angle - Right/Left of Center 30 degrees 30 degrees
Blade Height 17 in 431 mm
Maximum Cutting Edge Clearance 6 in 152 mm
Ground Clearance 6 in 152 mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 4 in 102 mm
Interface Type Skid Steer Coupler Skid Steer Coupler
Working Width (Wings Closed) 102.6 in 2605 mm
Working Width (Wings Open) 99.3 in 2521 mm
Wing Rotation 205 degrees 205 degrees

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