Mini Excavators 300.9D VPS & HPU300

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Key Specs

Net Power
13 HP
9.7 kW
Operating Weight
2399 lb
1088 kg
Digging Depth
68 in
1731 mm


Zero Emissions with Electric Power

The innovative Cat 300.9D VPS with HPU300 Mini Excavator delivers versatility in a compact size with a choice of diesel or electric power. Its ability to fit through a narrow doorway makes it an excellent machine for indoor demolition work.



Work in tight areas

Easy to Use

Simple controls for easy operation


Range of attachments for a variety of applications

Product Specifications for 300.9D VPS & HPU300

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Operating Specifications - 300.9D VPS


Engine - 300.9D VPS


Dimensions - 300.9D VPS

Hydraulic System - 300.9D VPS

Dimensions - HPU300

Blade - 300.9D VPS

Hydraulics - HPU300

Motor - HPU300

Travel System - 300.9D VPS

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