Large Wheel Loaders 992 Setting the Standard. Then Raising the Bar.

Product Specifications for 992


Operating Specifications



Hydraulic System - Lift/Tilt

Hydraulic Cycle Times

Service Refill Capacities



Hydraulic System - Steering

Cooling System

Sound Performance - Standard

Sound Performance - Suppression

Dimensions - Standard Lift - Approximate

Dimensions - High Lift - Approximate

992 Standard Equipment


  • Engine, C32B
  • Fuel priming pump (electric)
  • Ground-level engine shutdown
  • Engine air intake (above hood) precleaner
  • Aluminum Modular Radiator (AMR)
  • Automatic, ether starting aid
  • Electronic throttle lock
  • Impeller Clutch Torque Converter (ICTC) with lock-up clutch
  • Rimpull control system
  • Planetary powershift, 3F/3R electronic control transmission
  • Delayed engine shutdown
  • Oil-cooled, multi-disc, service brakes
  • Electro-hydraulic parking brake
  • Auto retarding controls
  • Brake temp estimator
  • Autoshift


  • Standard lift (23 tonnes/25.5 tons face, 27.2 tonnes/30 tons loose)


  • Variable displacement implement pumps
  • Variable displacement load-sensing steering
  • Variable displacement cooling fan pump
  • Torque converter lock-up clutch
  • Bucket float
  • Automatic bucket controls:
    – Lift kickout
    – Return-to-dig kickout
  • Default on-demand throttle (economy mode) with HP+ mode button
  • Engine idle shutdown


  • 150-amp alternator
  • Four 1400 CCA batteries
  • 10/15 amp, 24V to 12V converter
  • Battery – single pole (master disconnect) isolator
  • Emergency jump-start receptacle
  • Starter and transmission lockout in bumper
  • 24V starting and charging system
  • Electric starters
  • Live line indicators in service center
  • LED warning lights (pattern selectable)
  • LED lighting system:
    – Two front- and rear-mounted LED turn signals
    – Four forward-facing running lights
    – Three forward-facing flood lights
    – Four platform-mounted flood lights
    – Two forward-facing high beams
    – Four rear-facing floods
    – Four stairway lights
    – Two engine bay service lights


  • Premium seat with heated and actively cooled leather, adjustable lumbar support, air adjustable bolsters on the seat and backrest, seat cushion tilt adjustment and two-way thigh support adjustment
  • Bonded glass, tinted
  • Trainer seat
  • Dual-lever lift and tilt function controls
  • Implement kickouts
  • Air conditioner
  • Cab pressure indicator
  • Graphical touchscreen information display conveys real-time operating information and payload measurement
  • Heater, defroster, auto temperature controls
  • Gauge instrumentation with configurable widgets:
    – Status indicators
    – Wheel rev counter
    – Simplified payload
    – TPMS (optional)
    – Bucket angle
    – Coolant temperature
    – Hydraulic oil temperature
    – Fuel level
    – Power train oil temperature
    – Engine speed (tachometer)
    – Transmission gear
    – Ground speed
    – Engine hour meter
  • Powered cab precleaner
  • Operator presence status
  • Starting/charging system malfunction
  • Electronic OMM
  • Operator controls help
  • Two USB charging ports
  • CB mounting, 12V/24V power and antenna
  • 14-pin service port
  • 12V power
  • Selectable application profiles
  • Entertainment radio mute
  • Push-To-Start (PTS)
  • Warning/indicator instrumentation
  • Keypad control with indicator lights
  • Dome light in cab
  • Lunchbox and beverage holders
  • Electro-hydraulic force feedback steering
  • Vital Information Management System (VIMS™) with information display: external data port, cycle timer
  • Coat hook


  • Ground-access ladders
  • Rear-vision camera
  • Front walkway around cab
  • Tie-offs on ROPS
  • Steering frame lock
  • Stairways on both sides of the machine
  • Platform toe kicks
  • Retractable seatbelt, operator and trainer seat
  • Back-up alarm
  • Electric disc horns
  • Implement lock switch
  • Seatbelt warning
  • Entertainment radio mute


  • Standard ambient package (recommended for site conditions that do not exceed 43° C [110° F])


  • Fluid level indicators:
    – Implement and cooling fan oil level indicator
    – Steering and brake oil level indicator
    – Window washer fluid level indicator
    – Transmission oil level indicator
    – Fuel level indicator
    – Engine oil level indicator
    – Engine coolant level indicator
    – Automatic lubrication system grease tank level indicator
    – Starter lockout and LED
    – Heavy-duty battery disconnect switch
    – Stairway light switch
    – Service lighting switch (if equipped)
    – Fuel shutoff engine shutdown switch
    – Engine oil fast-fill port
    – Transmission oil fast-fill port
    – Steering and brake hydraulic oil fast-fill port
    – Steering and brake hydraulic oil drain port
    – Engine coolant fast-fill port
    – Implement and cooling fan hydraulic oil fast-fill port
    – Implement and cooling fan hydraulic oil drain port
    – Automatic lubrication system grease tank fill port
    – 24V jump-start receptacle
    – 12V power port
    – 120V jacket water plug (if equipped)
    – 240V jacket water plug (if equipped)
    – VIMS key switch
    – 14-pin service port
    – Transmission lockout and LED
  • In-tank mounted cartridge-type case drain filters with in-line magnetic plugs on implement, cooling fan, brake and steering pumps
  • High-pressure screens on the output side of implement, cooling fan, brake and steering pumps
  • Implement pump efficiency monitoring
  • Rock guards on linkage grease lines
  • Cat O-ring face seal couplings
  • Lockable service access doors
  • Ecology drains for engine, radiator, hydraulic tank, steering and brake tank, brake cooling tank and axles
  • Electronic pressure control of the automatic lubrication system eliminates pressure adjustment and monitors grease thickness for temperature compatibility
  • Ground-level fast-fill fuel system
  • Drawbar hitch with pin
  • Cat XT™ hoses
  • Left-side service center
  • Oil sampling valves
  • Premixed 50% concentration of extended-life coolant with freeze protection to –34° C (–29° F)
  • Rear access to cab and service platform
  • Load-sensing steering
  • Vandalism protection caplocks
  • Cooling cleanout service access
  • Telematics and Cat Electronic Technician service port in bumper
  • Automatic Autolube filling shutoff valve

992 Optional Equipment


  • Advanced auto retarding controls with engine brake


  • High lift (20.5 tonnes/22.5 tons face, 24.5 tonnes/27 tons loose)


  • Dual pole battery isolator
  • Six service lights
  • Two hitch-mounted lights


  • Rubber-mounted, high-impact resistant solar control glass
  • Trainer seat with suspension
  • Joystick lift and tilt function controls
  • Bluetooth®-enabled machine security
  • Sun screen, pull down (front and rear)
  • AM/FM/AUX radio


  • Powered ground-access stairs
  • Side-vision cameras (270 degree)
  • Cat Detect (rear object detection)
  • Wheel chocks
  • Secondary steering
  • Electric trumpet field horn plus electric shop horn
  • Fire suppression ready (tank mounting provision and provision for integration with machine electronics for monitoring faults or activation)
  • Emergency stop system


  • Cold-weather cooling fan bypass (recommended for temperatures below –29° C [–20° F])
  • 120V or 240V coolant heating elements (recommended in conditions from –18° C to –30° C [0° F to –22° F])
  • Fuel heater (heated by recirculation using engine heat and a heat exchanger) (recommended in conditions from –18° C to –30° C [0° F to –22° F])
  • Heated mirrors


  • Cat Payload with Overload Prevention
  • MineStar Health ready
    MineStar GUIDE ready
    MineStar Edge ready
  • New Autodig Components:
    – Tire slip prevention
    – Lift stall prevention
    – Tire set
  • Operator coaching


  • High ambient package (recommended for site conditions that do not exceed 55° C [131° F])


  • Rims – 914.4 mm (36") (36 × 45)
    113.3 mm (4.5") flange
    For use with 45/65R45 and 45/65-45 tires
    Tires – 45/65R45
    Tires – 45/65-45


  • 914.4 mm (36") (36 × 45) (4.5") flange


  • Transmission and engine guards
  • Diagnostic lines for easy troubleshooting access
  • Product Link™ cellular
  • Product Link (dual mode – satellite/cellular)


  • Sound-suppression package


  • Ride control

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