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The CW34 is an eight wheel pneumatic roller that features a modular ballast system and flexible operating weight of 10 000 kg to 27 000 kg (22,050 lb - 59,525 lb). This machine offers excellent visibility, ECO-mode operation, even compaction, and excels on a variety of materials due to its flexible air-on-the-run capability.


Operating Weight - Standard Machine Empty 22050.0 lb 10000.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - Maximum Ballast 59525.0 lb 27000.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - Maximum Wet Sand Ballast 35275.0 lb 16000.0 kg Less
Average Weight per Wheel 3571.0 lb 1620.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - No Ballast 22050.0 lb 10000.0 kg Less
Operating Weight - Maximum Water Ballast 28660.0 lb 13000.0 kg Less
Average Weight per Wheel - No Ballast 2755.0 lb 1250.0 kg Less
Average Weight per Wheel - Maximum Ballast 7451.0 lb 3380.0 kg Less

Operating Specifications

Compaction Width 82.0 in 2090.0 mm Less
Turning Radius - Inside (2) 20.0 ft 6.1 m Less
Rolling Width 82.0 in 2090.0 mm Less
Turning Radius - Outside 342.0 in 8700.0 mm Less
Ground Clearance 10.0 in 260.0 mm Less
Travel Speed - Maximum 12.0 mile/h 19.0 km/h Less
Turning Radius - Inside (1) 240.0 in 6100.0 mm Less
Number of Wheels 8 8 Less


Bore 4.13 in 105.0 mm Less
Stroke 5.0 in 127.0 mm Less
Gross Power 133.0 HP 98.0 kW Less
Engine Model C4.4 C4.4 Less


Overall Width 85.0 in 2160.0 mm Less
Height - Steering Wheel 96.0 in 2450.0 mm Less
Height - ROPS 118.0 in 3000.0 mm Less
Overall Length 210.0 in 5350.0 mm Less
Maximum Machine Height 118.0 in 3000.0 mm Less


Tires 13/80 R20 13/80 R20 Less

Service Refill Capacities

Water Spray Tank Capacity 100.0 gal (US) 380.0 l Less
Fuel Tank Capacity 71.0 gal (US) 270.0 l Less

Versatile Compaction Performance

Exceptional Visibility and Control

Cat® Compaction Control

Smooth Operating Powertrain

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