2559 mm (101 in)

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Cat® Pipe & Pole Forks are designed and built for use in oil and gas field drilling, pipe line construction and above-ground utilities work.

Carriage Width 101.0 in 2559.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Length 72.0 in 1829.0 mm Less
Weight 4301.0 lb 1951.0 kg Less
Required Hydraulics 3rd Function 3rd Function Less
Carriage Height - Closed Clamp 52.0 in 1321.0 mm Less
Carriage Height - Open Clamp 124.0 in 3143.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Spacing - Maximum Width 96.0 in 2438.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Width 8.0 in 203.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Thickness 3.0 in 76.0 mm Less
Load Capacity 7400.0 lb 3357.0 kg Less

Interface Type

Interface Type Fusion™ Coupler Fusion™ Coupler Less


Developed with a robust structure, Cat® Pipe & Pole Forks allow for high performance carrying of 76 mm (3 in) pipe up to 762 mm (30 in), all while using the same tool.

Robust and Versatile Structure

  • Robust carriage and top clamp ensure high levels of production
  • Wide two-piece clamp holds pipe in place against tines and carriage
  • Clamp can be positioned for desirable diameter of materials
  • Single stems or multiple pieces, of the same diameter, can be transported at the same time, increasing productivity

Adjustable Tines

  • Tines width can be adjusted to better fit application requirements
  • No tools required for adjustment

Protected Hydraulic Cylinders

Top clamp design allows hydraulic cylinders to stay protected, avoiding undesirable damages at the cylinder and unexpected down time.

Pallets and other Materials

If palletized material transport is required, fully open the clamp and use the carriage as a fork.