C15 ACERT™ Wet Mainfold SCAC & REMAC Engine

C15 ACERT™ (Water-Cooled Mainfold)

C15 ACERT™ (Water-Cooled Mainfold)

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Custom Packaging
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Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience
Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience
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Product Specifications for C15 ACERT™ (Water-Cooled Mainfold)

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General Specifications



C15 ACERT™ (Water-Cooled Mainfold) Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Remote-mounted aftercooler with shutoff, 90° turbo inlet connection, 101.6 mm (4") hose connection with shutoff; separate circuit aftercooler with straight turbo inlet connection, 127 mm (5") hose connection

Control System

  • Electronic governing, PTO speed control, programmable ratings, cold mode start strategy, automatic altitude compensation, power compensation for fuel temperature, programmable low and high idle and TEL, electronic diagnostics and fault logging, engine monitoring and protection system (speeds, temperature, pressure), J1939 broadcast (diagnostic, engine status and control)

Cooling System

  • Thermostat and housing — outlet vertical; jacket water pump — gear-driven, centrifugal; RH front water pump inlet

Exhaust System

  • Right rear turbo exhaust, watercooled turbine housing, carbon steel exhaust manifold — wet

Flywheels and Flywheel Housing

  • SAE 1 flywheel housing standard, see price list for flywheel options

Fuel System

  • Electronic unit injector; fuel priming pump — upward angled; engine-mounted secondary fuel filter, front-mounted fuel transfer pump — LH front; fuel sample valve — mounted on fuel filter base

Lube System

  • Oil cooler; RH oil filter; rear sump 38 L oil pan; valve cover oil fill, optional front oil fill; oil gauges standard with LH and RH access; oil valve sampling on oil filter base; remote-mount oil filter kit

Mounting System

  • Front support with mounting provision for LH or RH alternators

Power Take-Off

  • SAE B options for SCAC and REMAC: single cylinder ATEX air compressor; dual cylinder air compressor, SAE B drive adapter; SAE A drive for REMAC

Front Engine Accessory Drive

  • 3 v-groove standard — optional 4 and 5 groove 203.2 mm (8.0") diameter crankshaft, 17.5 mm (11/16") v-belt; optional v-belt or 8-groove accessory drive for 240.39 mm (9.46") diameter pulley; LH and RH mounting poly v-belt; CSA 24V 65 amp alternator — LH and RH mounting poly v-belt; variable fan heights and ratios with 3 and 4 groove fan drives (see Price List)


  • Vibration damper, lifting eyes, automatic variable timing — electronic, electronic installation kit 70-pin connector (connectors, pins, sockets), literature GP Owner & Operator, paint

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