C32 ACERT™ Hazardous Location Petroleum Engine Well Servicing Engines

C32 ACERT™ (Hazardous Location)

C32 ACERT™ (Hazardous Location)

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Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience
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Product Specifications for C32 ACERT™ (Hazardous Location)

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General Specifications



C32 ACERT™ (Hazardous Location) Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Dual side-mounted turbochargers — inlet 152.4 mm (6 in) hose connection

Control System

  • Programmable ratings
  • Cold mode start strategy
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Power compensation for fuel temperature
  • Programmable low and high idle
  • Electronic diagnostics and fault logging
  • Engine monitoring and protection system (speed, temperature, pressure)
  • J1939 Broadcast (diagnostic, engine status and control)
  • Electronic governing, PTO speed control
  • Certified electrical control system
  • Customer interface harness available as optional attachment

Cooling System

  • Thermostats and housing — outlet LH vertical orientation
  • Jacket water pump — gear-driven, centrifugal, RH

Exhaust System

  • Exhaust manifold, water-cooled
  • Dual turbo, rear turbo exhaust, full marmon connection 127 mm (5 in), maximum load 10 kg for direct connection to turbo
  • Water-cooled center sections

Flywheels and Flywheel Housing

  • Mandatory selection of: SAE No. 0 or SAE No. 1 flywheel and housing SAE standard rotation

Fuel System

  • MEUI fuel system
  • Fuel filter — RH (2 micron high performance)
  • Fuel transfer pump
  • Fuel priming pump

Lube System

  • Crankcase breather — rear-mounted
  • Oil cooler — RH
  • Oil filler in RH front gear case
  • Oil filter — RH
  • Oil level gauge — RH
  • Oil pan rear sump

Mounting System

  • Narrow front support

Power Take-Offs

  • Crankshaft pulley — 203.2 mm (8 in) 5 grooves 15.9 (.63 in) wide; 292.1 mm (11.5 in) 1 groove 15.9 (.63 in) wide


  • Paint — Cat yellow
  • Vibration damper with single pulley
  • Lifting eyes
  • Automatic variable timing — electronic
  • Electronic installation kit 70-pin connector (connectors, pins, socket)

Mandatory Options

  • HP must be specified when ordering
  • All engines shipped at 2100 rpm
  • Flywheel housing
  • These engines meet the current IMO emission standards as defined by Regulation 13 of Annex VI to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocol of 1978, further amended by the Protocol of 1997. A statement of compliance issued by the United States government's EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is included in the technical file that is shipped with the engine as proof of our engine's ability to meet IMO emissions requirements. If this technical file is insufficient to meet the customer's requirements, then a GL or CCS IMO emissions certification may be ordered.

C32 ACERT™ (Hazardous Location) Optional Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Air cleaner
  • Air inlet adapters
  • Turbocharger outlet adapters
  • Air lines

Charging System

  • Battery chargers
  • Charging alternators
  • Alternator mounting
  • Circuit breakers and mountings

Cooling System

  • Dry charge coolant conditioners
  • Thermostat housing
  • Coolant level sensor
  • Radiator
  • Suction fans and blower fans
  • Fan adapters
  • Fan drives


  • IMO certifications

Exhaust System

  • Elbows
  • Mufflers

Fuel Systems

  • Electric fuel priming pump


  • Customer management device
  • Interconnect harness
  • Gauges and instrument panels

Lube System

  • Oil pans
  • Oil service side
  • Oil level gauge
  • Oil filters
  • Lubricating oils

Mounting System

  • Structural steel base
  • Engine support — front and rear

Power Take-Offs

  • Auxiliary drive
  • Damper pulley
  • Hydraulics gear pumps

Protection System

  • Mechanical shutoffs
  • Solenoid shutoffs

Starting System

  • Electric starting motors - 12V, 24V
  • Battery sets - 24V
  • Battery rack and cable
  • Starting aids

Transmission Arrangement

  • Transmission water lines
  • Transmission cooler

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