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Introducing the Cat® app for Android and iOS devices

Keep your equipment up and running and save money with the Cat® App. A simple, easy-to-use fleet management tool, the Cat App makes your equipment easy to track, with real-time access to data and actionable insights.

Cat App Features and Benefits Cat App Features and Benefits

Cat App

Cat App



Product Link


Turn on the device.
Turn on the savings.

You know in today’s business, money talks. But you might be surprised at how much. With a few short inputs, the Return on Telematics Calculator shows what your operation could save by connecting your equipment.

Why Connect Your Equipment?

You’ve heard the benefits from us — now hear what your fellow owners have to say about all the ways getting connected has made a difference for their operations.


It Pays to Turn It On

Contractors everywhere have adopted Cat Product Link™ Telematics to stay competitive. Their reaction is overwhelming—the technology is essential to get the most from your operation. Check out this video to find out just how much they're saving with a connected jobsite.


Easy decision-making.
Easy installation.

The whole point of Product Link is making tough decisions easy—and part of that ease is how you hook it up to get started, with a dealer or self-installed. This tutorial shows the simple steps to set up the PL542 on a sample machine: disconnect power, locate service port, hook up, mount and restore power. You can get connected in a matter of minutes.


The more you see, the more you save

Ordering your Cat Telematics box is just the start of saving time and money through useful data, insightful visuals and, ultimately, informed decisions. Discover your options, starting with these scalable solutions.

Cat Daily

Avoid unscheduled downtime with a subscription to Cat Daily, which includes updates on hours, location, events, and fleet-level idle/working hours and fuel burn.

Cat Link

With mapping, utilization metrics and more, Cat Link telematics technology helps operations of any size get more out of every asset and make easy, data-driven decisions.

Cat Connect

Whether you're looking to do more, make more, work smarter, or work safer, Cat Connect can help you improve your operation and turn challenges into opportunities.

Your Cat dealer is here to help

There’s always a place for valuable information, sound advice and trustworthy partnership—whether for equipment management, safety or productivity.