1220 mm (48 in)

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MSRP* $1,091.00


For moving palletized loads on construction sites, handling bagged fertilizer and seed at landscaping and nursery sites.

Carriage Height 36.8 in 934.0 mm Less
Carriage Width 45.8 in 1164.0 mm Less
Carriage Weight 211.6 lb 96.0 kg Less
Fork Tine Length 48.0 in 1220.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Width 3.9 in 100.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Height 21.3 in 541.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Thickness 1.6 in 40.0 mm Less
Fork Tine Weight 105.8 lb 48.0 kg Less
Fork Group Weight 430.0 lb 195.0 kg Less


Used for a variety of material handling needs, such as moving bulky or palletized materials on construction and industrial sites, handling bagged fertilizer and seed at landscaping and nursery sites, and similar jobs.

Heavy Duty Backrest

Heavy-duty load backrest structure is functional, durable and easy to see through. It provides operator protection from shifting loads, while maintaining excellent visibility to the fork tips.

Notched Rail-type Carriage

Notched rail-type carriage design allows fork tines to be easily re-spaced or changed and locked into place.

One carriage for all carrying capacities

The fork carriage is designed to meet the load carrying capacity of the largest machine enabling one size to fit all models.

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