Diesel Generator Sets DE169AE0 (50 Hz) DE56AE0 | 49.2 kVA Diesel Generator Set

Product Specifications for DE169AE0 (50 Hz)

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Generator Set Specifications

Engine Specifications

Generator Set Dimensions

DE169AE0 (50 Hz) Standard Equipment


  • C7.1, Inline 4 Cylinder, 4 Stroke Diesel

Control panel

  • EMCP 4.1 control panel

Governing system

  • Mechanical Governor


  • GTA Frame Standard Alternator

Fuel Storage

  • Single Wall 8 Hour Tank


  • Modular Easy Access Acoustic Enclosure

Air, Cooling & Exhaust

  • Enclosure Silencer


  • Engine and alternator pre-paint, Caterpillar yellow

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